Stylistic Alternates

Some typefaces come with stylistic alternates. They're glyphs that have different design than the defaults.

Often typographers will design more glyphs than are available directly from your keyboard. These are called stylistic alternates. They are glyphs which simply look different from the defaults. They can include swash glyphs, ornaments and much more.

To access stylistic alternate characters, you can simply highlight a glyph in most Adobe applications.

Individual Stylistic Alternates

You can view all glyphs in a family in the Glyphs panel in Adobe applications. You can usually go Type > Glyphs to bring up the panel.

If you wish to use them more extensively, you can access complete stylistic sets from the Paragraph Styles panel in the OpenType features. Below are examples of stylistic sets which are built into the Neighbor typeface.

Stylistic Alternates Sets

However you access them, stylistic alternates are a fun way to enhance your typographic designs.

You can read more about using alternate glyphs on this Adobe support document.