Our Grading System

Algonquin College’s grading system is based on letter grades. You’ll find a qualitative description as well as numerical equivalents of the letter grades below.

You need to maintain a GPA above 1.7, with no grades below C- to succeed in the program. There is information on calculating your grade point average here, on the College’s site[PDF].

If you’ve earned an A, or 85% and you find yourself wondering why you lost 15 points on an assignment, don’t think of it that way. Your work must have been superior, but not excellent. The difference between 85% and 89% becomes irrelevant, because the whole range earns you a grade of A. Focus on the letter, not the number.

Grade Designations

A: Excellent
Course learning requirements are met in a consistently outstanding manner.
B: Superior
Course learning requirements are met and exceed the requirements.
C: Satisfactory
Course learning requirements are met satisfactorily.
D: Marginal
Course learning requirements are met, but achieved at a marginal level. consistent, ongoing effort is required for continuing success in the program.
F: Unsatisfactory (Failure)
Course learning requirements are not met. No credit is awarded.

Numeric Values

Note that letter grades take priority in grading, not percentages. For instance, if you earn an 85%, you havent lost 15%. That’s the grade that equates to an A.

Percent Grade Letter Grade Numeric Grade
90-100 A+ 4.0
85-89 A 3.8
80-84 A- 3.6
77-79 B+ 3.3
73-76 B 3.0
70-72 B- 2.7
67-69 C+ 2.3
63-66 C 2.0
60-62 C- 1.7
57-59 D+ 1.4
53-56 D 1.2
50-52 D- 1.0
0-49 F 0


This is not a correspondence course. In order to earn points for in-class assignments, you must be present in class. If you have an un-excused absence, you can complete the assignment with the help of the online course material, but you will not earn points. I will, however, provide written feedback on your performance. If your absence is unavoidable, please communicate with me before the class to make me aware of it. I will have the option to excuse your absence and allow completion of the assignment outside of class.

How to Get an A

Be sure to study the list of goals on the front web page for each assignment. This is where you should be focusing your attention in order to maximize your grades. The items are in order of importance. If you execute these items successfully, you’ll earn a high grade.

You will have the opportunity to submit work in progress (WIP) for most assignments. I’ll provide feedback on your work. WIP is assessed by the progress you’ve made.

Importance of File Naming

Attention to detail is crucial in the practice of graphic design. File naming is no exception. Naming files incorrectly can cause disastrous effects, like broken images on the web, print errors and missed deadlines. This is why we are so strict with this.

Organizing, naming and submitting files adhering to precise instructions is an important skill in the practice of graphic design. As such, 20% of all assignment values is based on adhering to instructions. These instructions will be given verbally in class and/or online. If files are submitted in such a way that they are not usable to produce the final product, the student can earn a grade of zero on that assignment at the faculty’s discretion.

Confirm Your Brightspace Submission

It is your responsibility to confirm your Brightspace submissions have worked. You receive two confirmations from Brightspace.

When you submit your file, you’ll see the green text on Brighspace showing you the submission was uploaded sucessfully.

You will also receive an email confirmation at your college email address to confirm your submission. Keep this email as evidence the submission was done.

If your submissions are not received and you have no confirmation messages, they will not be graded.