• Assembly Work

  • This is the text for the deck for the magazine assignment.

Prepare Your Text

Be sure to remove double spaces, double paragraph breaks, any useless tab characters and any other text elements that don’t need to be there

InDesign Work

The important work is done at the outset. Document setup, margin setup and Parent Pages (previously called Master Pages) are where the action happens. There is no set length to your document. It can have as many pages as you want.

Now you need to set up text frames on Parent Pages and style sheets.

Story Jumps and Enders

When a story jumps from one page to another, we need to direct the reader to the story’s continuation. This is where the story jump becomes useful.

Story Jumps

Video tutorial

We also need to indicate when the story ends. This is where we can insert a small graphic to indicate the story does not continue on another page.

Story Ender

Video tutorial

Get Feedback

As you progress with your layout, you can submit PDF files for me to provide feedback. Let’s please be reasonable with this. Ask for feedback when you have a substantial amount of work completed.

Submit a PDF for Feedback