• Concept Development

  • Develop your concept with the help of a mood board. Submit for feedback on your design.

Submit a Style Tile

Create a style tile which shows the elements of your design. It must include:

  • Typeface names
  • Sans-serif
  • Serif
  • Two main colours
  • CMYK colour recipes
  • Type hierarchy
  • Feature title
  • Main story title
  • Sub-titles
  • Byline style
  • Body copy
  • All your other type styles
  • Photo treatment
  • Pull quote treatment
  • Sidebar story design

See my example style tile for more reference info. You are free to add more, depending on your design.

Submit a Style Tile

Get Feedback

As you progress with your layout, you can submit PDF files for me to provide feedback. Let’s please be reasonable with this. Ask for feedback when you have a substantial amount of work completed.

Submit a PDF for Feedback