• Sell Sheet

  • This sell sheet design will have you create a two-sided page layout on a modular grid.

How To Get An A

This is what you need to do to ace this assignment.

  • Implement a design with a modular grid.
  • Devise type hierarchy for a single-page design.
  • Sketch page layouts on paper as thumbnails and higher fidelity mockups.
  • Create a context-appropriate and technically correct colour theme.
  • Combine the use of photography and typography to compose balanced page layouts.
  • Make a reasoned font pairing which suits a given context.
  • Manipulate type to create a pleasing, harmonious, context-appropriate design.
  • Inventory, organize and prepare provided materials to use in a type-based design.
  • Produce print-ready files.
  • Organize files and folders for submission according to provided instructions.

BrightSpace Submission Links

  1. Mood Board & Sketches (PDF)
  2. Final Sell Sheet

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The Brief

This assignment will have you design a sell sheet using the provided assets.

Download Assignment Assets

It’s a duplex letter page in full colour with bleeds whose purpose is to promote a company, state its purpose and give contact information. All the content, text, photos and logo are provided. You need to use it all—no more, no less.

The design (layout, type, and colours) needs to reflect the tone and voice of the company. Construction of new roofs needs to communicate:

  • product reliability
  • service reliability
  • compliance with building codes
  • aesthetics

The clientele for this company varies broadly. They sell to adult home-owners.