• Plan Your Design

  • This is where the rubber hits the road. Sketch layout thumbnails. Choose your type. Create a colour palette.

Your Client

Roofing Services

This company prides itself on the variety of roofing products it installs. They install regular shingles, shake and metal roofs. Their value proposition is reliability. There’s the reliability of the materials, their trades-people and of the final product, including their warranty. When you place your order, you can rest assured that your new roof will be installed on time and on budget.

Inventory Content

Take an inventory of all the content you’ve been given. Read the text. Review the photos.


You must use all the provided text. The text is indicated for either the front or the back of the sheet. Other than that, you can re-arrange what’s on each side.


You’ve been given a variety of photos. Choose only from the provided photos. Use only what you need.

Illustrations are not permitted. Only use the provided content.

The logo has been provided in black. You can change its colour to match your design. You can also change the typeface to suit your design. Do not change it otherwise.

Mood Board

It’s time to show your colours—and your type. Create a mood board that includes your colour theme, photo treatment and type selection & hierarchy.


Colour Palette

Show a colour palette. It’s not necessary to show tints and shades. We know you’re going to use them. We just want to see the main colours. One should be loud. One should be quiet.

Type Selection

Choose a sans-serif for headlines, call-outs and more. Use a serif for the body copy. Keep the company in mind. Your type selection should suit the purpose of the company.

Be sure to include the names of your chosen typefaces on the mood board. Use a bit of actual text from the client, too.

Type Hierarchy

Type Hierarchy

This serves multiple purposes. It shows your type selection itself. It also shows the type treatment used in your layout. It can also show how your colour palette will be applied to your type.

Photo Treatment

Show how you’re going to use photography on the page. Will you crop the photos, or even close-crop them? Will they have coloured borders? Will the be on an angle? Will type interact with the photography? Here are some ideas. Show a sample on your mood board.


Page layout sketches will help you get this project completed as quickly as possible. Put pencil to paper to create as many thumbnails as possible.

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