• Your Assignment

  • Given one type family, match it with a second. Tell me why they go well together. Where would you use them? Show me a sample treatment to demonstrate that.

I’m going to assignment a type family from this list. You’re going to use this one as your first choice. Your job is to find a second family that harmonizes well with your first choice. Choose from Adobe Fonts only. If your first family is a serif, then choose a sans-serif for your pairing, and vice-versa.

Build a letter-sized layout with a type treatment which includes the two families. Use limited colour.

What to Include

Show glyphs from both families together to demonstrate how they harmonize. Set some body copy to see how it displays in longer text. Pull out some glyphs from each family to show individually so we see how they harmonize. You can provide background info on both families. Who designed them?

You can also describe in writing what you see being similarities with the families.

Are there differences you’ve noticed? You can note those too if you have doubts that they’d hinder the pairing.

Please make sure your document is error-free. Having a second person carefully read it is a good idea.

Only source fonts from Adobe Fonts.

Write Your Own Text

This assignment requires that you write your own content. It is forbidden to copy text from the web or any other source. When doing one of these assignments. I suggest make your own notes in bullet list form based on your research. Once you’ve done your research you can re-write the text in your own words. Be sure there isn’t even one sentence that is not your own.

No matter how good a writer you are, it’s always a good idea to have someone else proof-read your text.

Avoid Reading

Once you have your page layout done, get familiar with the content. When you present, avoid reading the text. Try to speak it in a more natural manner. Just talk to us about the individual while referring to the key points on your sheet.

You’ve got this!