• Type in Time Poster

  • Type classification is a mirky business. We're not going to let that stop us! We'll discover what goes where in the grand timeline of typography. The product will be a poster design from a chosen classification.

How To Get An A

This is what you need to do to ace this assignment.

  • Implement a design with an informal grid.
  • Recognize the features of a typeface which determine its classification category.
  • Research and organize historical typographic information.
  • Make the most of the glyphs in a given type family.
  • Implement learned type rules relating to italicization, quote marks, etc…
  • Show off a type family's weights, widths at varied sizes and position on the page.
  • Select and apply theme-appropriate colours.
  • Use the appropriate software tools and techniques to build the page.

BrightSpace Submission Links

  1. Submit Your Type Choice
  2. Informal Grids: Let's Practice!
  3. Poster Mood Board (PDF)
  4. Poster WIP (PDF)
  5. Poster Final Submission

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The Brief

This assignment will have you design a poster which describes and showcases a typeface from a given classification category. The design must only contain type, shapes and/or patterns. Your type selection must be from Adobe Fonts. An informal grid will create the structure of your layout. Your application of colour should be restrained.

You need to put all the type rules you’ve learned to date into practice. This means italicizing where appropriate; use quotes where needed, etc…

Imagine this poster on the classroom wall. It should entice students to use the typeface in a project. The attractive attributes of the glyphs should be showcased. You will highlight the beauty of the family.