• Your Poster Content

  • The content of your poster will give the viewer a full profile of the typeface you've chosen.

Once we’ve done our exploration of type classifications, the ball’s going to be in your court. Pour through type families that are representative of a given era or classification.

Choose a family that is a mainstay of that particular classification. Avoid minor, little-known typefaces.

Tell me the reason for your choice. No B.S. Make it honest. Take your time. What is it that appealed to you about this family? Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be some deep historical thing, though it can be.

Do your research. Make your choice, then tell me.

Submit your Type Choice

Colour Treatment

The fewer colours you use, the more focused your design will be. You could design this in a single colour with its tints and shades, or one colour plus black. If you choose two colours, the first should be a prominent colour. The second can be quieter. Too many colours will distract from the subject of the poster, the type design.

Production Specifications

These are pretty simple.

  • Dimensions: 12" × 18" plus ⅛" bleed
  • Colour: Four Colour Process (full colour)
  • Illustrator is your tool of choice.

What to Include

You will include the following on your poster. These are minimum requirements. You can include more if you come across it during your research.

  • Typeface name
  • Typographer's name
  • Year of typeface design
  • The classification category to which it belongs
  • A waterfall of the instances that make up the family
  • A block of paragraph text that describes the family
  • A bio of the typographer in a block of paragraph text
  • Prominent display of stand-out glyphs from the family
  • Any other useful information you may find

No photos are allowed on your poster. You can use lines, shapes and patterns.

Avoid a copy/paste from a web site. What I propose is that you read about the typeface and its designer. Take notes in your own words. Use those words on your poster.

Be sure the content is properly written and error-free.