• Typographer of the Week

  • Choosing and using typefaces is the main goal of this course. But who's behind the creation of the typefaces we choose? Let's get to know the very creative detail-oriented folks behind the gorgeous typefaces we use every day.

How To Get An A

This is what you need to do to ace this assignment.

  • Gain a historical knowledge of the typographers behind the typefaces.
  • Your presentation includes at least the facts listed on the assignment page.
  • Your text is your own, properly written and error-free.
  • You communicate the facts clearly, in an organized fashion.
  • You've submitted files as directed, ready for print.
Your grade reflects the degree to which you satisfied the above criteria.
Grade Value Description
A, 80-100%, Excellent This is work that has been completed in a highly motivated manner which meets all or most of the performance criteria for the project. It is an exceptional demonstration of design skills.
B, 70-79%, Superior You have submitted work which is above average, but lacks the qualities which give it the stamp of excellence. It shows better than average design sensitivity.
C, 60-69% Satisfactory Your project is handed in on time. It has fulfilled some or all of the requirements. It lacks strong visual interest and thoughtful & imaginative resolution. The work is merely average.
D, 50-59%, Marginal This work is handed in on time, but lacks many or most of the areas that show understanding of design. It is a weak effort, which does not meet program standards.
F, 0-49%, Unsatisfactory This is work that is not handed in on time or does not satisfy the assignment criteria at all.
NHI: Not Handed In An assignment which was not received.

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The Brief

Create a letter-sized layout containing biographical information on your given typographer. It should contain these elements.