• Typographer of the Week

  • Choosing and using typefaces is the main goal of this course. But who's behind the creation of the typefaces we choose? Let's get to know the very creative detail-oriented folks behind the gorgeous typefaces we use every day.

How To Get An A

This is what you need to do to ace this assignment.

  • Gain a historical knowledge of the typographers behind the typefaces.
  • Your presentation includes at least the facts listed on the assignment page.
  • Your text is your own, properly written and error-free.
  • You communicate the facts clearly, in an organized fashion.
  • You've submitted files as directed, ready for print.
Your grade reflects the degree to which you satisfied the above criteria.
Grade Value Description
A, 80-100%, Excellent This is work that has been completed in a highly motivated manner which meets all or most of the performance criteria for the project. It is an exceptional demonstration of design skills.
B, 70-79%, Superior You have submitted work which is above average, but lacks the qualities which give it the stamp of excellence. It shows better than average design sensitivity.
C, 60-69% Satisfactory Your project is handed in on time. It has fulfilled some or all of the requirements. It lacks strong visual interest and thoughtful & imaginative resolution. The work is merely average.
D, 50-59%, Marginal This work is handed in on time, but lacks many or most of the areas that show understanding of design. It is a weak effort, which does not meet program standards.
F, 0-49%, Unsatisfactory This is work that is not handed in on time or does not satisfy the assignment criteria at all.
NHI: Not Handed In An assignment which was not received.

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The Brief

Create a letter-sized layout containing biographical information on your given typographer. It should contain these elements.

Last Name First Name Typographer Date
Ciper Enissa Licko, Zuzana January 18, 2023
Gomond Bryan Benguiat, Ed April 19, 2023
Goodick Hannah Spiekermann, Erik April 12, 2023
Goudreau-Patterson Chandler Frutiger, Adrian March 29, 2023
Jay Angela Slimbach, Robert March 8, 2023
Lam Stephanie Brody, Neville March 15, 2023
Mohdamed Ibrahim Twombly, Carol March 22, 2023
Shaan Shaan Morison, Stanley February 15, 2023
Smith Brianna Frere-Jones, Tobias February 22, 2023
Stojanovic Andrej Porchez, Jean Fran├žois February 8, 2023
Valenzuela Zara Hische, Jessica April 5, 2023
Zhang Suzie Stone, Sumner January 25, 2023