• Your Task

  • Write a bio of your given typographer.

Each of you will be given the name of a modern-day typographer. You’ll research them to create a profile including:

  • General biographical information
  • A head-shot if possible
  • A synopsis of their career
  • Notable typefaces they've designed, with prominent samples on your page so we can see their designs and their style.
  • What was their approach, goal, their philosophy in their type design?
  • Their web site and social media handles, if possible

You’ll present these at the start of each class. We’ll likely do two or three per week. They’ll only be a few minutes each.

Your Task

Create a single-page letter-sized bio in InDesign. The layout should be inspired by the typographer’s typefaces. Other than that, the design is up to you. We’ll share your document with the class so everyone has a bio of each typographer.


Last Name First Name First Name Last Name Date
Abbas Khaled  Adrian Frutiger Oct 6, 2023
Al-Shamkhee Aya  Max Miedinger Oct 6, 2023
Bouchard Emilie-Danni  Robert Slimbach Oct 20, 2023
Chan Alexa  Jonathan Barnbrook Sep 22, 2023
Dunnett Rick  Ray Larabie Oct 13, 2023
Ellis-Thompson Penny  Morris Fuller Benton Nov 24, 2023
Epstein Maya  Eric Gill Sep 15, 2023
Forbes Hazel  Matthew Carter Sep 15, 2023
Griswold Alexander  Charles Bigelow Sep 29, 2023
Gusche Grant  Aldo Novarese Dec 1, 2023
Helas Ludji  Tobias Frere-Jones Sep 29, 2023
Johns Liz  Herb Lubalin Sep 15, 2023
Jones Evan  Sumner Stone Sep 22, 2023
Kellett Emily  Jean François Porchez Nov 3, 2023
Laflamme Zoe  Carol Twombly Nov 3, 2023
Laviolette Myriam  Jan Tschichold Oct 13, 2023
Leblanc Stefan  Luc(as) de Groot Nov 17, 2023
Mendonça Mendes Lorena  Paul Renner Sep 22, 2023
Morin Alison  Frederic Goudy Oct 20, 2023
Niboria Priyankshi  Ed Benguiat Nov 3, 2023
Nwafor Nwando  Stanley Morison Oct 20, 2023
Pilotte Xander  Erik Spiekermann Nov 10, 2023
Prevost Kaiden  Jonathan Hoefler Dec 1, 2023
Russell Peyton  Rudolf Koch Oct 13, 2023
Savard Gudjonsdottir Briet  Hermann Zapf Nov 24, 2023
Schiavo Mina  Zuzana Licko Oct 6, 2023
Seye Jemima  Chester Jenkins Nov 10, 2023
Stavinski Da Silva Rebeca  Jessica Hische Sep 29, 2023
Yahfoufi Daniel  Neville Brody Nov 17, 2023
Last Name First Name First Name Last Name Date
Amedi Assma  Jessica Hische Nov 24, 2023
Bell Jessica  Ed Benguiat Dec 1, 2023
Byrne Coady  Erik Spiekermann Nov 3, 2023
Carboni Jessica  Paul Renner Nov 24, 2023
Davis Jordan  Herb Lubalin Sep 22, 2023
Fang Julia  Morris Fuller Benton Nov 10, 2023
Garcia Xavier  Luc(as) de Groot Oct 13, 2023
Gowanlock Amelia  Ray Larabie Oct 20, 2023
Grant Jeremy  Jonathan Hoefler Sep 29, 2023
Huab Adrian  Neville Brody Oct 13, 2023
Jaber Rawan  Adrian Frutiger Nov 3, 2023
Kydd Gabriel  Zuzana Licko Oct 20, 2023
Lofkrantz Maggie  Matthew Carter Dec 1, 2023
Mackenzie Maya  Jean François Porchez Oct 6, 2023
Martin Raven  Hermann Zapf Nov 17, 2023
Martyn Dylan  Sumner Stone Oct 20, 2023
Monette Laila  Charles Bigelow Oct 13, 2023
Nail Loubna  Chester Jenkins Nov 10, 2023
Patenaude Justine  Frederic Goudy Sep 15, 2023
Rest Emily  Tobias Frere-Jones Nov 17, 2023
Ridha Jena  Max Miedinger Sep 15, 2023
Rogers Kiera  Rudolf Koch Sep 22, 2023
Salibi Andrew  Eric Gill Sep 29, 2023
Scheel Kristen  Jan Tschichold Sep 15, 2023
Shalla Maria  Jonathan Barnbrook Oct 6, 2023
Taylor Maya  Stanley Morison Nov 3, 2023
Trinh Angel  Carol Twombly Oct 6, 2023
Walsworth Marina  Robert Slimbach Sep 22, 2023

Write Your Own Text

This assignment requires that you write your own content. It is forbidden to copy text from the web or any other source. When doing one of these assignments. I suggest make your own notes in bullet list form based on your research. Once you’ve done your research you can re-write the text in your own words. Be sure there isn’t even one sentence that is not your own.

No matter how good a writer you are, it’s always a good idea to have someone else proof-read your text.

Avoid Reading

Once you have your page layout done, get familiar with the content. When you present, avoid reading the text. Try to speak it in a more natural manner. Just talk to us about the individual while referring to the key points on your sheet.

You’ve got this!