Welcome to Type 4

Course Description

Proficient typesetting allows a designer to compose and structure complex passages of content that are visually appealing in order to allow the information to be easily followed. Students combine text and imagery to craft professional layouts and informational documents.

Course Focus

This semester is a continuation of your Fall semester, focusing on increasing typographical finesse. We want to improve our recognition of fine typographical detail. We’ll begin with simple informal grids and grow from there. We’ll end the semester having built more complex modular grids for a publication. Type selection and pairing is also consume a significant part of our attention.

Course Logistics

You can navigate all the semester’s assignments to explore what you’ll be learning. All course content is on this site. It includes theory, lesson instructions, examples and file downloads.

This is an in-person, on-campus course. It is imperative that you attend all classes. If, for some vital reason, you cannot attend a class, it is your responsibility to catch up with the help of a classmate.

If there is a deadline that you cannot adhere to for some critical reason, you must tell me in person or via e-mail so we can make alternate arrangements.

My goal is your success, but you need to keep the channels of communication open with your teachers.


Assignment Type Weight
Save The DateDigital & Print10%
The Art of the MenuDigital & Print25%
WordmarkDigital & Print20%
Comparative AnalysisDigital25%
QuizzesLot's of Quizzes10%

Remember Type 1 and 2 Rules?

In your first and second semesters of Typography, you learned the fundamentals. These rules need to be adhered to for this semester. If you need to be reminded, Butterick’s Practical Typography web site is a good reference. This is a treasure-trove of typographic facts by Google.


The major projects will have milestones. This means that you’ll have to submit files part-way through the design process. These submissions will be graded. This is done because design is a process, not only the final product.

Due Dates

This course adheres to the program policy for assignment submission deadlines. All deadlines will be posted on BrightSpace. In the rare occasion where a deadline changes, you’ll be notified well in advance. The change will be reflected on BrightSpace. Odds are, if there’s a change, it would likely end up being an extension, not less time.

Late by less than one hour
Your assignment will be graded out of half of total points. Full feedback will be provided.
Late by more than one hour
You earn a grade of zero. Full feedback will be provided.

If an assignment is submitted before the deadline, but is missing elements to the point where it’s not usable, that assignment will be deemed incomplete. You’ll earn a grade of zero.

You’ll usually be packaging an InDesign document to submit your files. You’ll need to makes sure a PDF is included in the Package process. I’ll expect your files to be built properly, as if this were your Computer Graphics course.

Adobe Fonts Only

Unless stated otherwise, we’ll use only Adobe Fonts for the whole semester. It’s just easier for everyone. They have a sufficient selection for us to work with.