• Baseline Grids

  • We'll create a type system that works entirely on a baseline grid.

How To Get An A

This is what you need to do to ace this assignment.

  • Design a page grid including margins, columns, rows and gutters.
  • Devise a page layout grid using a baseline grid which can accomodate a complete type system.
  • Organize and maintain a sound file structure for graphic design projects.
  • Organize files and folders for submission according to provided instructions.
  • Use the appropriate software tools and techniques to build the design.

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The Brief

Starting with the page as our canvas, we’ll learn how to design a layout grid. We’ll take the whole page’s dimensions as foundational dimensions on which we’ll devise margins, columns and a baseline grid. The whole system will be built to accommodate a hierarchical type system.

Why a Baseline Grid?

Aligning text to the baseline grid creates a structured and clean look with a vertical rhythm on the page.

Baseline Grids

An additional challenge is working with different size type which all aligns to the baseline grid.