Build the given layout shown in the PDF linked below based on leading of 11 points and 8.25 points. This means that your baseline grid will be at 11 point intervals for most of the text and 8.25 points for the caption text, which is set at a smaller type size. You choose the margins, gutters and type size for the whole layout.

We’re using these numbers because they’re both factors of 33. That means that when we set text with 8.25pt leading next to 11pt leading, each 5th line will align.

All the type is either in Minion Variable Concept or Myriad Variable Concept. These fonts are already on your computer, so there’s no need to activate them on Adobe Fonts.

The margin measurements will need to be a multiple of 11 points. They can all be the same, or you can vary them as we did in the example.

Set up a three-column grid on a parent page. Usually, the leading is used for the gutter size.

There needs to be a cap-height grid set up so the top of the photo aligns with the cap height of the text. It needs to be on its own layer, on a parent page.

The blue box has a custom 10pt baseline grid. It’s set in Myriad Variable Concept Condensed.

Download the Assignment Files