• The Art of the Menu

  • We'll design a restaurant menu with the given content.

How To Get An A

This is what you need to do to ace this assignment.

  • Design page layout grids for single-page and for long documents.
  • Select two typefaces which create a harmonious pairing.
  • Devise type hierarchy which enhances information organization & promotes legibility.
  • Select and apply theme-appropriate colours.
  • Design functional and decorative page elements like folios, shapes, colours and more.
  • Sketch page layouts on paper as thumbnails and higher fidelity mockups.
  • Combine the use of photography and typography to compose balanced page layouts.
  • Design functional and decorative page elements like folios, shapes, colours and more.
  • Use the appropriate software tools and techniques to build the page.
  • Produce print-ready files.
  • Organize files and folders for submission according to provided instructions.
Your grade reflects the degree to which you satisfied the above criteria.
Grade Value Description
A, 80-100%, Excellent This is work that has been completed in a highly motivated manner which meets all or most of the performance criteria for the project. It is an exceptional demonstration of design skills.
B, 70-79%, Superior You have submitted work which is above average, but lacks the qualities which give it the stamp of excellence. It shows better than average design sensitivity.
C, 60-69% Satisfactory Your project is handed in on time. It has fulfilled some or all of the requirements. It lacks strong visual interest and thoughtful & imaginative resolution. The work is merely average.
D, 50-59%, Marginal This work is handed in on time, but lacks many or most of the areas that show understanding of design. It is a weak effort, which does not meet program standards.
F, 0-49%, Unsatisfactory This is work that is not handed in on time or does not satisfy the assignment criteria at all.
NHI: Not Handed In An assignment which was not received.

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The Brief

You will design a restaurant menu with type, raster and vector graphics using provided content. The goal of this assignment is to capture the essence of the style of the establishment, then to express it in a type-based design. Your pages should ease diners’ meal selection and make them feel welcome. This will increase sales for your client, the restaurant owner. See? Now everyone is well fed and happy!

This is your opportunity to use more than serif and sans-serif typefaces. A display face can be of use for section titles and to call attention to specials. Use display faces judiciously. Usually one well-chosen face will do the trick.

You’ll can also create raster of vector graphics. Do not distract your diners! Too many graphics will overload the page and hinder decision-making.

Change Case InDesign Script

Use Change Letter Case Script to change the case of type in InDesign.

To install the script, go to the Finder’s Go menu on your Mac. Select Go To Folder…. Paste this into the field:

~/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version 18.0/en_US/Scripts/Scripts Panel/

Put the unzipped .jsx file in the folder. It will then appear in the Scripts panel in InDesign. It’s in the User folder in the panel.