• Guidelines

  • Be sure to read all the technical guidelines for your menu design.

Technical Guidelines

You must use all the provided content. If you wish to add anything, please pass it by me first. You can edit the case of the type, change line breaks and put the menu sections in the order that suits you.

  • Build in InDesign
  • Use Illustrator for vectors
  • Use Photoshop for rastor images
  • Produce everything in CMYK.
  • You choose the dimensions.

Physical Construction

Let’s plan to actually physically build this design. You can explore materials for the pages as well as the binding. The sky’s the limit here, but think practically. Production of hundreds of units needs to be feasible.

It’s a good idea to physically build a mockup of your design, even if it doesn’t use the final materials. I can be simple paper or card stock to start. You can purchase materials or use what you have around the house.

The materials you use will strongly define the brand-image. High-priced restaurants sometimes wish to flaunt their exclusivity by using swanky materials. A greasy burger joint may have a single page plastic-laminate menu for convenience. You can also find novel, inexpensive, durable, tactile materials to create something new.