• Your Concept

  • Create a mood board to communicate your concept to the client.

Your Concept

All graphic design is layout, colour and type. Period.


We’ve seen this already. You’ll be using an informal grid for your layout. Let’s move on.


You should have one main colour, then another colour that supports it. From there, you can use tints and shades of each. Be sure to use Global Colours in Illustrator to make editing easier.


You should use the fewest number of type families for this project. The fewer you use, the more focused your design will be. The best plan is to choose one family that has many weights, widths, italics, etc…

Remember that you can use the filters on the left of the page to refine your search by classification or style.

Your Moodboard

Communicate your concept to the client. Submit a PDF file which includes:

  • type selection
  • type treatment
  • colour palette
  • colour treatment
  • sketches of the format
  • sketches of the layout

The client needs to be able to make sense of these ingredients which make your design. They need to see the final product.

Submit your concept