• About Wordmarks

  • What distinguishes a wordmark from an emblem logo, a mascot logo or a lettermark? We'll dive into the differences here to define a wordmark.

What Are Wordmarks?

There are different types of logos. There are emblems, mascots, pictorial and other types. Read more about the types of logos here. Wordmarks, or logotypes, are designed with type only. They depict the company name alone. They’re appropriate for organizations and companies with short, distinct names. There are minimal pictorial elements. Some wordmarks have subtle, at times hidden, imagery within the letters. The combination of a novel company name and strong typography create a logotype which fosters strong brand recognition.

What We’re Going For

Our designs need to conjur visuals without actually using a separate pictorial logo. The meaning of the visuals can be very obvious or more subtle. These are examples.

FedEx logos

The FedEx logotype famously has a hidden forward-pointing arrow in its negative space.

Our goal is to create a logotype or wordmark. These are type-centric. They can have imagery, but it’s integrated with the type.

Logo examples good and bad