• Wordmark

  • We'll develop a wordmark with the given content.

How To Get An A

This is what you need to do to ace this assignment.

  • Make a theme-appropriate type selection
  • Select and apply theme-appropriate colours.
  • Select or create type that's appropriate to the brand.
  • Create a legible wordmark.
  • Develop a concept that's memorable.
  • Implement accessibility factors in the design of a word mark.
  • Produce a design that's usable on multiple platforms and substrates.
  • Use the appropriate software tools and techniques to build the design.
  • Produce print-ready files.
  • Organize files and folders for submission according to provided instructions.

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The Brief

Your wordmark needs to be a highly conceptual, type-only design.

Since a wordmark is heavily reliant on type, it is important that you select or create typography that is appropriate to the tone of the brand—think elegant or traditional or fun or minimal.

Your basic design will be based on a typeface. The concept will come from customization of the type.

Your final wordmark needs to be:

Much like a song, your wordmark needs a clever hook—that thing that makes other designers think Darn, I wish I had thought of that!
It needs to be easy to depict across media. It should be just as distinct on a small screen, on apparel, stationery, etc… Avoid very thin stroke weights. They don’t scale down well. The concept must not depend on the colours. That means that the mark works in a single colour.
The mark needs to be very legible. Elements cannot be obstructed by a contrived design trying too hard to integrate a visual. Contrast needs to be great enough so even those with vision challenges can discern your wordmark.