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Your Clients

Name Client
Bellehumeur, Sophia Sticky Fingers BBQ Catering Co.
Boucher, Alex Dollar Fresh
Buccini, Molly Bijou Luxe Clothing Co.
Dingman, Cassidy Avilion Resort & Spa
Gendreau, Xavier Sticky Fingers BBQ Catering Co.
Hamblin, Dillon Dollar Fresh
Hillier, Bryar Bijou Luxe Clothing Co.
Lehto, Milo Avilion Resort & Spa
Neilson, Daniel Sticky Fingers BBQ Catering Co.
Norman, Rachel Dollar Fresh
Offord, Rachel Bijou Luxe Clothing Co.
Salisbury, Laura Avilion Resort & Spa
Soytas, Zeyneb Sticky Fingers BBQ Catering Co.
Allen, Reid Dollar Fresh
Archer, Tiegan Bijou Luxe Clothing Co.
Assaad, Ray Avilion Resort & Spa
Bailey, Kae Sticky Fingers BBQ Catering Co.
Carchidi, Eric Dollar Fresh
Carkner-Botte, Hanna Bijou Luxe Clothing Co.
Celone, Teah Avilion Resort & Spa
Cousineau, Brianna Sticky Fingers BBQ Catering Co.
Desmedt, Emily Dollar Fresh
Elmelegy, Sara Bijou Luxe Clothing Co.
Golshanpanah, Omid Avilion Resort & Spa
Graham, Harmony Sticky Fingers BBQ Catering Co.
Lau, Serena Sticky Fingers BBQ Catering Co.
Lee, Kiersten Dollar Fresh
Payman, Sophia Bijou Luxe Clothing Co.
Pennington, Michel Avilion Resort & Spa
Pinsent, Abby Sticky Fingers BBQ Catering Co.
Pitre-Desrochers, Andrea Dollar Fresh
Shecapio Lacroix, Mariah Bijou Luxe Clothing Co.
Vu, Vincent Avilion Resort & Spa

Sticky Fingers BBQ Catering Co.

About Us:
We’re firing up our business for the summer of 2023. Our team of professional, accredited chefs are going to bring their skills to your grills. Our locally-sourced ingredients, our gourmet recipes and our innovative event design will create memorable, entertaining and flawlessly executed experiences in your back yard. Whether you’re planning an intimate evening with your closest friends or a rousing back yard bash for a large group, we’ll be there to design an entertainment experience of a lifetime.
fun, entertaining, gourmet, theatrical, bespoke, mouthwatering
We are a new company with no previous branding.
Unique value proposition:
Our animated, innovative chefs, and their recipes are unique in themselves. Also, a right in your backyard experience like this isn’t offered anywhere else. We are experts at setting a mood. We can do everything, to the smallest detail, like providing the perfect music playlist.
How do you want to be perceived?
We want to be the folks who fashion backyard memories. There should be tales of delicious food and drink, served in a theatrical setting. Service to our clientèle should go above and beyond.

Dollar Fresh

About Us:
At Dollar Fresh, we stock the very best items you can buy for a buck or two. Our 459 retail locations are as clean as organized as any Target store. We carry endless inventory from beauty supplies to kitchen items to hardware goods.
modern, organized, value focused, efficient
The time to re-brand was long in coming. Our logo is currently an un-professional little drawing that does not reflect the growth the company as recently experienced.
Unique value proposition:
What distinguishes us from other dollar stores is our clean, organized and modern retail locations. Aisles are wide. Way-finding and signage are clear and easy to use. You’ll quickly find what you’re looking for. The self-serve cash stations will have you in and out in a flash.
How do you want to be perceived?
No matter what it is, you’ll find it quickly from our vast, value-oriented, well organized inventory in our well-lit, welcoming stores. Shopping in our numerous stores is effortless.

Bijou Luxe Clothing Co.

About Us:
Clothing for Stylish Little People. We carry a limited number of brands, carefully chosen by our team of buyers. With over 70 years of combined experience, they consistently find the most beautiful, exciting new designs. Our selection features the most prestigious designers, such as Burberry, Dior, Fendi and Roberto Cavalli, to small, up-and-coming brands.
established, posh, tailored, stylish
Our old logo was too generic. It was simply type in a sans-serif typeface. It also degraded over the years with reproduction. We are refreshing our logo because a new generation of younger owners has taken over the company.
Unique value proposition:
We will go to the ends of the earth to find the fashions our clientele don’t yet know they want. Custom orders are par for the course. We’ll offer them in a comfortable, welcoming retail environment. There are no limits to our effort to have the customer be thrilled with the quality, style and fit of our fashions. If for some reason any aspect of their experience falls short, we will get ahead of the situation to make it right.
How do you want to be perceived?
Our clientele should have no stories to tell about us. That may sound strange, but we expect their interactions with us to go so smoothly there will be nothing to report. We need to stand apart from all other clothing retailers in that our clientele will implicitly rely on the quality of our product and the extent of our effort to please. Customers will tell their friends our prices are not the lowest, but the value and service we deliver is unsurpassed.

Avilion Resort & Spa

About Us:
Jill & Brian, husband & wife owners, promise the ultimate couples restorative experience. Your stay with us will cleanse your mind and your body, restoring your mood, focus and your connections with others. Luxuriate in a couples’ massage in one of our ten extra private suites. Our therapy staff are registered and accredited. You’ll also want to bask in the outdoor hot springs and heated pool while delighting in organic treats from the spa menu.
comfort, boutique, couples, pampering, unwind, restorative
Jill & Brian recently purchased this spa-resort business from the previous operators who have chosen to retire. They’re redirecting the focus of the business to appeal to couples who are looking to cleanse and reconnect.
Unique value proposition:
Avilion promises the most indulgent, cleansing, restorative spa experience focused on couples. We serve couples with the utmost discretion and sensitivity. Our business is designed to make your experience as frictionless as possible, from the moment of reservation to the morning you check out.
How do you want to be perceived?
We want to be known as a secluded spa to which couples can retreat to find themselves again. They can leave the city and their burdens behind to luxuriate in a natural, private restorative, worry-free environment. We want to bring to mind warm, relaxing baths, natural materials, succulent foods and de-stressing muscles.